Wigs & More

Carla's and Sweet Forbidden are the Bay Area's only full-service boutique and social club for the transgender and cross-dressing community.

Sweet Forbidden brings together all the services you need to be beautiful. You can find the perfect wig, learn how to maintain it, get it styled or washed. Our Boutique carries a full range of beauty products, including beard cover, foundation, lipstick and lip liner, mascara, eyeliner, and blush.

A makeover at Carla's and Sweet Forbidden is a wonderful way to begin a night on the town, or to get ready for a party at Social Club—and it's also a wonderful way to treat yourself when you just want to feel pretty. We're well known for a fresh, personalized and natural look.

We do not offer hair services, but if you need a cut, color or perm, we recommend The Sanctuary Salon in Santa Clara. Have additional questions about hair services or care, contact Aejaie at (408) 298-6900.

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