2018 Makeup Trends

2018 is well underway and trends for late Winter/ Spring Makeup are starting to show up on runways around the world.    I thought it would be fun to look at the three top trends we are seeing. This Post contains affiliate links to Amazon. This means we may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase any products shown through Amazon.com.

Bold Black Eyeliner

2018 is all about black eyeliner and not just that quick swipe across your top lash line.  this is a big year for bold black eyeliner. Choose a dramatic wing or graphic shape, it’s about going big.  Thick, black eyeliner is about making a statement this year. Another big eyeliner trend you’ll see? Upside-down liner. Instead of the bold upper lid, keep on the lookout for a dramatic lower liner – often in bold colors.

Full – Eyeliner



Monochrome Eyes

For some this feel like a trip back to the sixty, but 2018’s monochrome eye is so much more.  More color, more depth, more wow.  Best part it’s super easy to do, even for a beginner.   Simply select your color, the apply to your lids as heavy or lite as you like.  No eyeliner need, just a couple of good coats of Mascara.


Whether you like cherry, rose, or ruby, a red lip never go out of style.   So what makes red lip color so special in 2018?  This season the red lip no longer has to be the stand-alone star.  This Spring 2018 is about a strong lip, smoldering eyes, and contouring.

What makeup trend are you going to try first?

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