Carla’s Social Club creates a safe and private space to the Transgender and Cross-Dressing Community.  We are focused on Community, Awareness, Relationships, Learning, Activism, and Socialization  – CARLAS.

Carla’s is the only Social Club 100% owned and operated by a member of the Transgender Community.

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Aejaie Franciscus is an active member of the Transgender Community. She transitioned in 1982 with the support of her family.

You have played such a huge role in supporting my “coming of age”! *:) happy
-Angela – California

Her professional background has encompassed everything from the beauty industry to the world of nonprofit management. She is an accomplished business woman, coach, mentor and speaker on human sexuality and Transgender Issues. She has appeared on MSNBC with Tucker Carlson, as well as the Montel Williams Show. Aejaie is trained in stage and theatrical makeup.

“I had a marvelous experience. I found Aejaie to be warm, caring, encouraging and supportive. I definitely will go back, and I highly recommend Carla’s.” – Alicia B – Vancouver, Canada

Aejaie sees each client for who they are and where they want to go. No journey or path is the same.

The Social Club provides opportunities for clients to explore both within the safe space of the club as well as out in the community.

Aejaie is happily married to her husband Tony. Tony is a strong supporter of both her and the Transgender Community.

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408 298 6900