Community Ambassador Program

Carla’s Social Club was created to support the Transgender, Cross-Dressing and Gender non-conforming Community.  We work every day to create a community in which each of us can safe and supported while being our authentic self.

While we enjoy spending time helping clients find the perfect product or with our members, doing club activities.  We know we can not spend our whole life in this private safe space.  Each of us has to go out and live in the world.  We have a home, work, and school to attend too.

This is where our Community Ambassador Program comes in.

Community Awareness, Engagement, and Education.

These are the three area where we focus our energies.

Each year we train our member who are volunteers to speak to, work with, and help educate hundreds of college students educators and professionals in and around the Silicon Valley.  We work with police and fire departments, private and public organization. Our goal is to have a more aware, engaged and educated community in which to live work and play.

We’re asking you our community to support our work.  We are looking to raise $5,000.00 to help our volunteers who take time off from their work to support our community.  Your assistance helps offset the cost of training speakers, training material, travel expenses, needed, as well as a small stipend for our volunteer speakers and trainers.

We’ve created a Go Fund Me Page, so Members, Clients, Friends, and Family from around the world can support our work in creating a more accepting world for all of us.

We hope you join us in making the world a safer and more welcoming place.

If you would like more interest in becoming a Community Ambassador, please feel free to contact us.