Adult Supports

Trans Support Organizations

Trans Thrive

TRANS: THRIVE is a drop-in center by and for the trans community. Our mission is to foster a healthy trans community, empowered by the leadership of its peers.

Drop-in Center
We are here for you! Stop by Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 2:00 – 5:00 PM to say hello, meet people, hang out and help out! We have a shower facility, computer lab, clothing closet, library and more.

Educational Workshops
We cover different topics each week, including self-esteem and coping skills, HIV education, harm reduction, sex, and dating.

Support Groups
We offer a range of support groups for FTMs, MTFs, gender variant folks, and everyone in between.

Social Events
In addition to support groups and movie nights, we host special events and go on field trips.

Testing and Counseling
Stop in for weekly free HIV and Hepatitis C testing and counseling. Get your HIV results in 20 minutes.

Hooking You Up
We collaborate with local agencies to bring you employment counseling, legal resources, art projects, yoga, meditation, mental health services, health education and more.

F2M Support Groups

No matter where you are on the gender spectrum, The Diversity Center’s Trans* Program has something for you. Support groups for and by trans* folks, referrals to trans* friendly providers, lively conversations about the specific ways being trans* impacts us, fun outings — these are just some of the ways we serve you.
Santa Cruz Trans* Masculine group meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM at the Diversity Center.

This group offers peer support and social connections. All FTM, Transmen, masculine-spectrum, butch, boi, folks questioning their gender, etc are welcome.

For more info or questions – contact Nate at

South Bay Transmen Social and Support Group

Every 4th Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.

The Billy DeFrank Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose CA 95126.

The South Bay Transmen is a group for questioning and female-to-male transgendered people. You can ask questions or just listen. We’re a laid back group, happy to share our experiences and resources, but very respectful of each person having their own path.

We range in age from teenagers to seniors, from guys just wondering ‘ what if?’ to those transitioned many years ago, and have both white and people of color. We meet once a month on the fourth Tuesday and occasionally gather socially for special events. Significant others are invited to meet next door at the coffee shop during our meetings.

Contact Lance at with questions.

MtF Support Groups


Tiffany Woods 510-713-6690 (6121)

Diablo Valley Girls (DVG- Concord/Walnut Creek)

Diablo Valley Girls is a non-profit, non-sexual support group for transgendered individuals, their families and friends in the Diablo Valley

Web site:

Phone: (925) 937-8432 (Answered live Monday through Thursday, 7-10 p.m. You can leave a message any time.)

River City Gems (Sacramento)

The River City Gems are a social and support group serving the crossdressing and transgender community of Northern California.


Sacramento Gender Association (SGA)

The Sacramento Gender Association


Santa Cruz Trans

Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, at 7:30 p.m., at the Diversity Center, 177 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3818.

Online group:

Phone: (831) 425-5422 (Diversity Center)

South Bay Trans Women Support Group

A group for MTF trans people, including cross dressers, gender questioning, considering the transition, in process or completed the transition.”

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, 7:30–9 p.m., at the Billy DeFrank Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose CA 95126.


TransGender San Francisco (TGSF)

TransGender San Francisco is a support and social group for the entire TransGender community. We hope you find this site to be helpful and that we can all work together here for our common good.