Here are some of the reviews from our clients

Houston, We Have Lift-Off

found Carla’s, similarly to one of the other reviewers, from a search on a cross-dresser forum. I had been looking for a boutique that specialized in transformations and was thrilled to find it as I was going to be going to be in the area for business. They have a wonderful website full of information about their services. I sent an email with some questions and very quickly heard back from Aejaie, the owner with answers. I decided to go ahead and book a standard transformation while I was in town. You book online and pay a deposit. Within a day Aejaie was in touch and over the course of a few emails, she knew my sizes, the clothes styles I liked, and had sent me photos of wigs to choose from. It was all very efficient and I felt comfortable knowing what to expect before I walked in.

On the day of my appointment, Aejaie was waiting for me. I had booked the last session of the day (it takes 2 hours) and we were the only ones in the shop. She is a warm and welcoming host, immediately putting me at ease. For me, this was a huge step as I had only dressed at home before. After picking out some lingerie she showed my 5 dresses she had selected for me to try on. All wonderful choices and I liked more than one but did settle for one. After selecting some heels we then went to the make-up chair where she spent the next hour giving me a makeover. She then had me close my eyes as she added the wig. After getting the wig in place she had me open my eyes so I could take in the full effect of the transformation. I was thrilled. She did a wonderful job. There was still time left in my session so she happily took some photos for me with my cell phone and I had a chance to explore the social club for a few minutes.

Although I had the option to change back before I left. She had done such a great job that I  I felt comfortable enough to go ahead and leave the boutique and drive the 35 miles back to my hotel in rush hour traffic. It was the best feeling!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience there. I hope to be able to go back if I am in town for business again.

Kelly, Houston, TX – May 2017

Princess for a Day!

I discovered Carla’s on the internet while surfing for crossdressing support. I booked the Princess Excursion for my first public experience en femme. Aejaie took the time before my excursion to really understand what I wanted and what I was comfortable with.

I visited from out of town and when I arrived I was warmly welcomed by Aejaie. Everything was ready as we had talked about. Aejaie helped me to be comfortable and relaxed. My makeover was done expertly, and the clothes and shoes Aejaie chose fit well. I felt gorgeous. I really like that the looks Aejaie created for me were perfect for the activities that we had planned.

The prices for items in the boutique are extremely reasonable, and the quality is high.

I had a marvelous experience. I found Aejaie to be warm, caring, encouraging and supportive. I definitely will go back, and I highly recommend Carla’s.

Alicia B – Vancouver, Canada –  Sept 2016

A Day in the City

My experience with Carla’s included a makeover with Aejaie and then an excursion with Cynthia for lunch and some window shopping. Overall, it was a very good experience and I’d consider doing it again when in the area.

Through frequent email communications in advance, and with my approval Aejaie selected a new wardrobe and wig for me. This was greatly appreciated. The sizes, styles, and colors were exactly what I wanted – no disappointments.  
Aejaie greeted me at the door and made me feel welcome and comfortable immediately –  she has a nice smile.  

One of Aejaie’s assistants “Gina”,  seated at the front desk also greeted me. They were obviously ready for my visit.  

The shop itself was surprisingly tidy and organized. What a relief!

After relaxing in the lounge with sips of spring water – I was shown a spacious private dressing room with closet, chair, and vanity to use as my base. No sharing needed- great!  

I tried on all the new dresses AND some that were in the shop. Ultimately I settled on one and agreed to purchase a second to take with me.

The wig I selected was OK, but Aejaie suggested a different style which was definitely better- so switching was not a problem at all.

There were a few other visitors while I was getting made-up but never felt uncomfortable. It seems very family-like.

Finally done after a couple hours so we loaded me and my stuff into Cynthia’s car and we headed into Oakland. Cynthia is a versatile conversationalist – engaging friendly. She was very pleasant company.  

Dining and walking around downtown dressed and dolled up was a blast. I got some “looks” but Cynthia assured me it was normal for a beautiful woman to get such attention.

I can not think of anything Aejaie could have done to make the experience better.

It would be fun for beginners or those with some experience too.


Bring a camera and/or an extra memory card for Carla’s. You’ll want to take lots of photos.
Be engaged in the planning process – more advance planning means a better experience.

Only Concern – I wish San Jose was not so far away and the Traffic can be Crazy!

Nora, Gaithersburg, MD – June 2016

No need to travel – Coaching over the phone

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a phone session. It was loaded with a number of useful suggestions and ideas. I recommend this coaching experience highly.

Michelle, May 2016